Meet Our Team

Andrew O'Rourke

Founder, Executive Producer, and Artistic Director 

Andy is a Glens Falls native with a passion for the theatrical arts. He also lives with cerebral palsy, a disability formed in utero. He is a graduate of Glens Falls High School 2019, SUNY Adirondack 2021, and is currently enrolled at SUNY Empire in a Bachelor of Fine Art program with a focus on theater and music education, as well as non-profit management. 
Andy has never let his disability stop him! He encourages anyone else in a similar situation to go after their goals, just like he is. He said, "If you’re going to fail, you’re going to fail, but you’ll get back up, and eventually, you’ll succeed. I’ve been lucky in that I have a supportive family to encourage me along the way."
Andy has many inspirations in his life, but the following people ring the most special; Tracy Sullivan, Miriam Weisfeld, and Elizabeth Pietrangelo all from Adirondack Theater Festival, Emily Murphy from the Wood Theater, and Chris Ristau at The Park Theater. 
Andy can be reached at 

Theresa Kempf


Terry is a Glens Falls native.  She has previously worked in several different fields and is currently semi-retired.  She came to All Abilities when meeting Andy through a Facebook post for tutoring help. Through connecting, Andy told Terry that he wanted to start his own theatrical company after being rejected by other ones. Andy's enthusiasm and drive were contagious, so Terry agreed to help him in any way she could. With that, All Abilities Productions Upstate New York was created.
Terry can be reached at 

Amanda Taft

Social Media and Marketing Director

Amanda is a Queensbury native and step-sister to Andy. Over the past many years of knowing Andy, his passion and drive for things he loves never ceases. When Andy mentioned his creation of All Abilities Productions, she mentioned she would help out wherever needed. The need for help with social media and marketing was filled shortly after All Abilities was created. She has an eagerness for helping others. 
Along with volunteering her time to All Abilities Productions, Amanda works as a radiologic technologist. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, reading, baking, and spending time with her miniature Goldendoodle, Quinn.

All of our teams members volunteer their time and efforts to help make All Abilities possible.